Sri Berkat Rest House

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Need some peace and quiet to heal your body and soul? Wanna have a huge friends and family party but don’t have the space? Wanna have fun while enjoying the beautiful sights of nature, fresh air without having to spend tons! We present to you ‘SRI BERKAT REST HOUSE IN FRASER’S HILL’. A Scottish type rest house that provides accommodation for those who want to get away from the busy life in the city for some rest and relaxation. Sri Berkat Rest House is managed by Tourism Selangor Promosi Sdn. Bhd.

Available Rooms
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About RRSB
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At the peak of Fraser Hill stand Sri Berkat, a Scottish type rest house that provide accommodation and it’s open to the public for rental. For those who want to feel the Victorian English era experienced don’t hesitate to call us for booking. This historic building is a double stories building inclusive of 3 VIP rooms, 3 medium rooms, 2 small rooms, 2 living rooms, cafe and dry kitchen. It has spacious enough for large private gathering as well. Cool weather mixed the feel of living in Victorian English era, the perfect cozy combo.

The History Of RRSB
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This building was erected in 1926 from funds provided by the British red cross society and the order of St. John of Jerusalem in England for the benefit especially of ex-members of the imperial forces 1914-1918 and the dependents gift was made to Malaya in token the generosity of its inhabitants and to commemorate the unexampled cooperation between the empire overseas and the motherland during the great war. It is also reminds about the building architecture of England. Fraser Hill,s is also known as “little England”. The bungalow is rich in history from the days of British Empire, standing tall in it’s original state till now since 1926!

How to get here?
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This route directions is from Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB)

  1. Going northeast from Hospital Road to the Golf Course.
  2. Slight right to Jalan Syed Masyor.
  3. Take the 2nd left to stay on Jalan Syed Masyor.
  4. You will pass by the Selangor Dam and just follow the trunk road (Route 55)
  5. Just go straight until you see the gateway to the Fraser Hill on your right.
  6. Turn left onto Route 56.
  7. Go straight until you see the guard house on your left and turn right at the junction just few meters in front.
  8. Go straight until you reach T-junction and turn right, Sri Berkat Rest

House will be on your right.

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