Batu Dance Theatre

15B ,Jalan Rodat 2/KU5 , 11 Avenue , Bandar Bukit Raja , 41050 Klang , Selangor


+603 - 3362 3798

Batu Dance Theatre, Klang

In September 1999, after Mr. Vincent Tan Lian-Ho’s showcase – “Solo Untitled”, he had an audition for dancers. Soon then, he founded Batu Dance Theatre,with a great will to nurture the rising generation of dancers, to bless many others with arts is magnanimous. Thus, the Batu Dance Theatre is born to provide professional training to generate a space to accommodate dance chorography.

The objective of Batu Dance Theater is to present performing arts as a form of community service. To have theatric presence in every edges of Malaysia, and to evoke every member of the society to stand on their feet and dance. Like the prevailing rivers, Batu Dance Theatre flows through the cosmopolitans, suburban, schools and communities and nourishes each place with performances, seminars, movement demonstration to engage the people to dances and arts.

In July 2001, Batu Dance Studio is finally established as & venue for trading & rehearsal. Aimed for breeding the culture of arts, it is provided with reading materials, audio and visual equipments for public’s use. In the weekends, it holds various events to accommodate teachers and youths who are enthused with arts and dance from all over the country. It is the first Mini Living Theatre in Klang where seminars, exhibition and performance are held.

Address: 15B, Jalan Rodat 2/KU5, 11 Avenue, Bandar Bukit Raja, 41050 Klang, Selangor
Tel: +603 – 3362 3798
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