Bukit Tabur, Taman Melawati

Bukit Tabur, Taman Melawati, Selangor

Bukit Tabur is a magnificent limestone ridge at Taman Melawati in Kuala Lumpur. It may possibly be the longest crystal quartz outcrop in the world, a geological wonder right next to the city. The ridge supports a type of heath forest, characterised by dry vegetation and plants that have adapted to growing on steep and harsh terrain. Climbing up the hill, visitors can see 250 species of small coniferous-like trees, shrubs, creepers, orchids and moss, including five endemic species of plants. Contained within much of the limestone are beautiful (but commercially worthless) quartz crystals, many which have been chipped off by visitors at exposed areas.Running in a semi-circle at more than 14 km long and 200 meters wide, the most prominent section is the middle 5 km span that lies behind Taman Melawati all the way to the National Zoo.

The sheer size of the ridge provides a dramatic backdrop to Kuala Lumpur, while home to many different types of mammals (including the rare mountain serow), birds, insects and other wildlife. While trekking here, dusky langurs can often be spotted making a ruckus among the trees while wild boars frequently dart away at the sound of footsteps. This section consists of several peaks that can be traversed via a few trails; the most popular route, Tabur West, begins at left from the Klang Gates entrance. This is followed by Tabur East, which can be accessed by climbing down the hill next to the Klang Gates entrance (at right), crossing a small stream and looking for a small but clear trail past the massive drain pipes.The highest peak, Tabur & Extreme;as called by the Internet hiking community, lies at the end of the Eastern ridge. It can be reached by three trails; the most common and longest route lies behind Zoo Negara, at a clearing along Jalan Taman Zooview. A lesser known trail begins from a farmland at the foothill; this can only be accessed by following a gravel road uphill from the bus depot, located near Taman Melawati mosque. The third method, cleared by hiking regulars, is a trail split from along the Bukit Tabur East route, just before the ascend up the final peak. The trail for the last two are not very well-marked, and heavy undergrowth (machete and long pants recommended) along with leeches (on rainy days, at the bottom sections) are expected due to the rarity of visitors.

GPS Coordinate: 3.235127,101.749177

Info source: http://www.naturemalaysia.com/bukit-tabur.htm

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