Dark Cave, Gua Damai, Batu Caves

Dark Cave, Batu Caves, Selangor


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About Dark Cave:

Dark Cave is one of the main caves at Batu Caves hill, located 15km away from the Kuala Lumpur city centre. It comprises of 2km surveyed passages with 7 major sections named A through F and the Great Chamber.

Discovered in 1878, by Captain H. C. Syers and William T. Hornaday, Dark Cave contains a diverse range of cave faunas. It is among the most researched tropical caves in the world, and a number of scientists and researchers like Mr H.N Ridley and Dr Elliot McClure have conducted major research in the cave.

Dark Cave is one of the must-see Batu Caves attractions for travellers. It is home to an ancient animal community of 100 million years old, including the rarest spider in the world, the Trapdoor spider (Liphistius batuensis). It has a unique guano-driven ecosystem, which sustain a tremendous ecological significance of rich scientific and educational interest.

Dark Cave has its own special features of magnificent cave formations – stalactite, stalagmite, flowstone, cave pearls, cave curtains, column and gour pools which has taken Mother Nature eons to form. We are here to protect this cave and as part of our conservation efforts, we conduct Educational tours and Adventure tours for the public.

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