Homestay Sepintas

Batu 4 Sepintas, Sabak Bernam

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Explore one of Selangor’s best villages
Hailed as one of the best villages in Selangor,Sepintas is situated along the banks of the fast-flowing Bernam River. The most exciting activity that awaits you is riding the boat or canoe on the river to explore local flora and fauna. Alternatively, pack some lunch and have a nice picnic by the cool water. Catching prawns with your host family and grilling them immediately is also a lot of fun. For an educational experience, trips to local factories producing various crafts and produce will be arranged.

Standard Packages:
Day Trip —Visit to SME factories to see retail operations.
2 Days 1 Night—Stay with host families and enjoy daily routine in agro- based community. Accommodation and meals provided.
3 Days 2 Nights—Stay with host families and be entertained by local cultural troupe. Social and recreational activities will be arranged. Includes visit to SME factories and other agro-based industries. Accommodation and meals provided.

Getting There:
Sepintas Homestay is about 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. The nearest town is SabakBernam. Bus services and taxis from Kuala Lumpur city centre are available. Best is prior arrangement is made with the Homestay representative to get there.

Tel: +6019 644 1721 — Ahmad Yatim
+6019 236 7197 — Mohd Khair Adol
+6013 305 9154 — Haji Kamsani Baharun

Batu 4 Sepintas, Sabak Bernam

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