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Rejuvenate in the cool, crisp air!
Sungai Tengi is an ideal getaway for peace and tranquillity. It started as a Felda oil palm scheme 45 years ago and retains the close knit community spirit of the early settlers to this day. The people are friendly and most are willing to go out of their way to ensure visitors are happy and enjoy their stay. Attractions include a trip to the deer farm with Spotted Deer, Sumatran and Malayan species. Reel in local fish at the pond, and then enjoy your fresh catch at the on-site restaurant!

There are several packages to choose from. Packages typically include:
1. Agricultural visits to oil palm plantations, fruit orchards, herbal farms, paddy fields and visit to deer farm. Visits to SME food production factories.
2. Outdoor activities including picnicking at the waterfall, hot springs or riverside.
3. Cultural show with traditional dances and folk music.
4. Accommodation and meals provided throughout the stay.
5. Trip to the famed firefl y colony can also be arranged.

Getting There:
The drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport will take approximately one and a half hours.Head for the nearest town of Bestari Jaya. It is advisable to arrange for transportation with either the homestay representatives or a travel agency.

Tel: +603 6042 1291 / +6013 3756 170 — Fadli

Fax: +603 6042 1705

Pejabat JKKT, Desa Maju Sungai Tengi, 44010 Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

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