Istana Bandar

Istana Bandar, Jugra, Kuala Langat, Selangor



Built in 1905, it is approximately 20km from Banting town, near to Sultan Alaeddin Mosque. Istana Bandar was built by Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah. The idea and designs for the palace came from the Sultan himself. Once the palace was completed, Sultan Alauddin moved his throne there. He lived in the palace for 35 years, until his death in 1938. The palace itself has two levels, with 15 stately rooms. The Sultan was very involved in the decoration of the palace, giving the palace his personal touches. Family portraits adorn the walls, tracing the lineage of the royal family. The design for the palace is based on Malay art, with sharp roof lines, curved windows and ornately decorated stone staircases. However, the palace also shows various external influences. The exterior facades display western or European features while the wall decorations have mixed artistic influences from Chinese, Indian, as well as Islamic or Middle-Eastern origins.

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