Pulau Indah

Pulau Indah, 42920 Port Klang, Selangor


+60-3-3101 2020

Pulau Indah, this literal translation of a ‘beautiful island’, lives up to its name in the various agriculture and fishing activities that are defined by the rich traditional elements Malaysia is known for. The south of the island is decorated with essences of tranquillity and luscious greenery complemented by untouched traditional Malay villages hidden from the fast-paced development with bordering deep-rooted mangrove coast framing this part of the island.

The heart of Pulau Indah lies in the north where the industry and commerce come to life. A counterpart to its southern flank in every sense, the north moves rapidly with modern times. Employing sophistication in the advancement of industrial estates and urbanisation of commercial developments, vibrant shades of modernity colour one of the busiest ports in Malaysia.

The Selangor State Government aspires to transform the island into a prestigious centre for eco-tourism, commercial and industrial importance as well as propelling it to greater heights. Pulau Indah envisioned as a land of prospects with blooming economy and plenteous work opportunities for the community.

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