Sekinchan Paddy Field

Sekinchan Paddy Field


Sekinchan, in Chinese means the ‘village suitable for plantation’ is well known as one of the major rice supplier in Malaysia. Sekinchan is actually a fishing village. But it is more widely recognized as a famous paddy field instead of a fishing village. Here, you can drive right beside the paddy fields. There are roads connecting the town with the small village located in the center of the paddy fields. Along the way, you will find water path (aqueduct), little bridge, birds and of course the paddy. There are also factories which allow visits. The staff will brief you on the paddy plantation process, type of rice and so on. You can also purchase the rice here which is not available in the market. Besides rice, you can also get nice mangoes at the stalls along Sekinchan main road. On the other side of the road is the fishing village. You can also stop by to have a look at the fishing boats and jetty. Do stop by for some seafood too.

(Photo Credit: Kim Teoh)

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