TSSB Ramadhan Buffet Contest Vol.2

Tourism Selangor-Best Western Petaling Jaya Ramadhan Buffet Contest Vol.2:

Answer the all following questions with fastest and all correct answers to stand a chance to win a Buffet Dinner Selera Malaysia voucher for 2 person at Best Western Petaling Jaya Hotel worth RM176.00:
Jawab semua soalan dengan pantas dan semua jawapan yang tepat untuk berpeluang untuk menangi baucar Buffet Dinner Selera Malaysia unutk 2 orang di Hotel Best Western Petaling Jaya, bernilai RM176.00:

Question 1/Soalan 1:
What is the price for Selera Malaysia Buffet Dinner for adult on 20th June?
Apakah harga untuk Buffet Dinner Selera Malaysia pada tarikh 20 Jun untuk seorang dewasa?

Question 2/Soalan 2:
What is the name of the restaurant that serves Selera Malaysia Buffet Dinner from 29th May to 22nd June 2017?
Apakah nama restoran yang menghidangkan Buffet Dinner Selera Malaysia dari 26 Mei sehingga 22 Jun 2017?

Question 3/Soalan 3:
Name 4 shopping malls nearby 500metre from the Best Western Petaling Jaya Hotel
Namakan 4 pusat membeli belah yang berdekat dalam 500meter dari hotel Best Western Petaling Jaya

1) Download our official mobile application ‘Discover Selangor’ from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and send us the screenshot as a prove of you download it.
2) You must also retweet the contest at Twitter OR share the contest post at Facebook and send us the screenshot as a prove.

1) Muat turun aplikasi pintar rasmi kami ‘Discover Selangor’ di Google Play Store & Apple App Store dan hantarkan screenshot sebagai bukti muat turun.
2) Anda juga perlu retweet peraduan ini di Twitter atau kongsikan peraduan ini di Facebook dan lampirkan screenshot sebagai bukti.

Terms & conditions:

1. Send your answers and screenshots by email us at info@tourismselangor.my with email subject “TSSB RAMADAN BUFFET CONTEST 2”
2. This contest is open to public. Participation in this Contest is open to participants (“Participants”) who are Malaysians and permanent residents residing in Malaysia and are at least 18 years
old. Participants below the age of 18 must obtain parental consent to participate legally.
3. Prizes cannot be exchanged for actual cash and cannot be transferred to anyone.
4. Results, once announced, are final. Disputes or appeals will not be entertained. The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the following entries:
-Participants who are not Malaysian citizens.
-Registration with no parental approval, for Participants below age 18 years old.
-Winners of this contest are NOT ELIGABLE to enter the next Ramadan Buffet Contest by Tourism Selangor.
-Winners of “TSSB RAMADHAN BUFFET CONTEST VOL.1” also are NOT ELIGABLE to enter this contest.
5. All the winners will be announced on 10th June 2016 (Saturday), 12.00pm at our official social media platform (Facebook & Twitter).
6. The competition CLOSED on 9th June 2016 (Friday) at 12.00pm.

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