Travel Stories

3 Reasons We Love Selangor Selangor is a great state to explore, with many hidden gems. We don’t always get the luxury of long weekends in KL, so when we do, we waste no time calling fellow monkey and adventurer extraordinaire… (more)

Selangor Beaches : Bagan Lalang, Batu Laut and Morib Bagan Lalang Beach is probably the best beach along the southwest coastline of Selangor state and one of the closest beaches to Kuala Lumpur, being located only about 25 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur… (more)

Top Selangor Attraction I have compiled this list of my favourite Top Selangor Attractions based on my travels and family outings over the past 3 years or so. Selangor, or Selangor Darul Ehsan to give it its formal… (more)

Klang Walking Tour It has to be said that a Klang Walking Tour or heritage walk would not be top of most travel guides’ list of must-do activities in Malaysia. Klang is a somewhat scruffy, sprawling town close to the mouth of the Klang River and near… (more)

Mah Meri Tribe and Seafood I’m really not a morning person. I woke up early on Sunday for reasons, it could be to jog, shop, swim, wedding or other activities. But last Sunday.. (more)

Enjoyable trip @ Sg Lepoh Waterfall Our trail crosses durian orchards. It’s durian season. We can smell the durian along our trail. Besides the durian, beautiful ginger plant can be seen at both side of our trail. When we entered the jungle… (more)

Sekeping Serendah Retreat I’m going to be your Canine Swimming Instructor (CSI) and I’ll share with you some canine swimming tips from a dog’s perspective, not the typical instructions by the hoomans for the hoomans one find aplenty everywhere. Who’s swimming anyways, us or the hoomans, duh! (more)

A Day Out in Pulau Ketam A friend and professional photographer David Chua organized a day trip to Pulau Ketam (loosely translated to English as Crab Island), a place not too far from Klang. The intended participants were mainly… (more)

Deep Sea Fishing and The Lighthouse The boatman and his son would take us to the light house. When we asked him how far is it to the light house, he didn’t know in kilometres. He said… (more)

Gunung Nuang Jungle Trekking I do not even know where I was going and not knowing any of her friends whose were elder than me many years. So, I kept telling my friends that I will be going to an unknown jungle in Selangor and should they not see me online on that particular night, please do help me call the POLICE… (more)

There Is Something About Broga Hill That Makes You Want To Return It was adventurous morning all right when we missed a few turns along the way. But my little group was able to get there in the nick of time to join the rest for the ascent up the hill.. (more)